Spells of Genesis – review

Spells of Genesis gameplay

The gameplay of Spells of Genesis consists of a series of levels corresponding to areas on a map of mountains. In the beginning, the upper areas of the map are covered by clouds.

As you progress through the levels, the cloud moves upward, revealing areas of higher level.

When you click on one of the levels you can see information about it, how much it costs game points and what cards can be earned by passing the level completely. After confirming the agreement not to pass the level will be the following – at the bottom of the screen your characters. Above them are enemies and obstacles.

A magic beam comes out of the image of one of the characters. If you touch this beam from a mobile device or click and hold on a PC, it can be moved so that it points in a different direction.

If you let go of the beam, a charge of magical energy will fly out of the character, striking everything in its path. The behavior of the charge is similar to that of a billiard ball.

It can hit an enemy, bounce off a wall, hit an enemy again, destroy the box behind which the enemy is sitting, or perform any number of other actions you would expect from a projectile. It all depends on how fast your character moves.

Once you finish shooting at the enemy with your first character, your next character can make a move. However, enemies have a timer that tells you how many moves you can make before they strike.

If you don’t destroy an enemy before his counter goes to zero, he will fire an energy charge at any character directly below him, dealing damage to that character.

I will not stretch the description of the gameplay, because you can try it for yourself. The game supports Russian and there is also a tutorial, which is a must go through, it’s small and quite interesting.

I think we can go directly to the maps, without them the game would be pretty boring. But cards, their synthesis and blockchain increase the interest in the game at times.

Creating a card collection in Spells of Genesis

As you progress through the levels in the game, you will receive currency and random cards.

There are three types of currency: gold, crystals, and gems. These currencies can be used to buy random cards in the card store.

Once you have purchased additional cards, you can swap the characters you currently have for those shown on the new cards.

Cards can also be improved rather than swapped. Improving a card increases a character’s characteristics at the expense of crystals. When a character reaches the maximum level, he cannot be improved again.

A card that has reached maximum level can be synthesized with another card of maximum level. This creates a completely new card, more powerful.

After creating a new card with a merge, you may continue to improve it until it reaches the maximum level again.

A card may be merged up to three times, and then upgraded again to its maximum level. This creates the highest level card type in the game, the one with the maximum improvement.

These card types can be turned into decentralized blockchain assets.

If you get a card that you don’t need, you can exchange it for crystals. This is called card crystallization.

More about Spells of Genesis cards

Most SoG cards are in-game. You can get them in-game, and they can also be sent to the blockchain by collecting the right amount and synthesizing the right amount of times.

However, some of the cards are blockchain cards. You usually have to buy them from a vendor or a developer. This is not necessary and they do not give great privileges to their owners. The only privilege is the limited issuance and as a consequence the cost of such cards is greater.

Blockchain cards belong to the player and can be sold for cryptocurrency.

If you go to the card exchange, you can see how much this or that card is worth.

Is it worth playing?

I will say that I play this game for quite a long time, about 2 years, during this time I synthesized not a dozen cards. On earned money from the game, I can say that I withdrew about $ 800, I did not make any investments and played the game in his spare time on the bus or subway.

Overall, I found Spells of Genesis to be an extremely addictive game. In fact, I found it more addictive than any other “blockchain game” I had played in the past.

All of the cards are collected by me in the game; I have not had to buy any cards.

The game allows you to go almost all the way to the end on cards you can get in the game and the developer does not force you to buy cards for money, but it can be done if you want to.

This is a very addictive game and well worth playing. At the same time playing an exciting game and shorten the time, you can also earn on this.

The game used Bitcrystals until 2019, but has now switched to Etherum and all cards are now backed by the reputable cryptocurrency.

My recommendations are positive, obviously you can’t make a lot of money, but you can make a little extra money. But I think that it is worthy compared to other games, which except game currency have nothing to offer.

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